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Direct contact met mij?

Vul onderstaand formulier in en ik neem contact met je op


Phone: 0570-643053

E-mail: anniek@hooggevoeligheelgewoon.nl

From childhood, I was busy with small children. There were always small children to be found around me, which later manifested itself in a great deal of care for neighborhood children and nephews / nieces. Then I started to study SPW-4 and later I studied Pedagogy.

Immediately after obtaining my HBO Pedagogy diploma I went to work in youth care. I worked for years on a day treatment with children from 0-6 years with all kinds of developmental disorders and problems. After that I also worked as an autism expert at Autimaat.

Same tune every day.”

In the meantime, I had children of my own and I soon realized that they are both highly sensitive, and with that I recognized many of the HSP characteristics in myself and a lot fell into place. When primary school came into view for my oldest son, I felt more and more that I did not like to take him to an after-school daycare, after a day at school. Besides, I often felt stressed in the rush of work, picking up children from daycare, cooking, going to bed, and all of that again the next day.

“I wanted to go back to work!

Then I decided that I would stop working, to ensure more quiet time for myself, and therefore also at home, and have time and attention for our children. I did this for a few years and never regretted it for a second! I was happier and more relaxed again.

When both my children went to school, it started to itch again to do something for myself, to develop myself again and to be among colleagues. In short, I wanted to go back to work!

“I felt that I would be at home here.

With the desire to work, preferably during school hours so that I am home when my children come home from school, the vacancy as an administrative assistant at HGHG came into the picture. This was right for me on all sides, I felt that I would be at home here. I work at HGHG in a nice and small team, I can continue to develop and deepen my knowledge of HSP, I can work during school hours and I can take care of my children.

In addition to working at HGHG, I have my own practice and guide families and professionals in the field of HSP and autism. I also occasionally review books for the HGHG reading club.

You can come to me for all administrative tasks and everything related to training and education.

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