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Return to your sensitive talents

HSP coaching

If you bump into something, get stuck for a moment or want to figure out how you can work with being highly sensitive, instead of having it work against you, then it is nice to work with someone. A coach can help you with that. We often hear that if you have been unable to name your high sensitivity for years, and now you discover that you are highly sensitive, it can be overwhelming. Or that people develop symptoms that are rooted in being highly sensitive, such as headaches, abdominal pains or fatigue. It is often nice to be able to discuss it with someone not too close to you.

Why start coaching with Hooggevoelig heel gewoon?

We believe it is important to support HSPs so their burden diminishes, and this trait can develop into a strength, a quality. If you experience high sensitivity primarily as a burden, it may be hard to imagine that it can also have a positive contribution. Yet in practice it often appears that when it is hopeless, and a bright spot appears, the highly sensitive person can quickly pull up and the strength comes to fruition. It often doesn’t require many conversations.

In the past, many of us have also sought out a coach to mirror, to reflect. And we still do that together on a daily basis. We think congruence is important, so when something is going on, for example when someone is not feeling well, we address it. It can still be felt, so it should come to the table. It is very valuable to work together in this way and to experience the added value of being able to mirror and share with each other on a daily basis.

That is why we would like to invite you to come to us if something is bothering you, if something is not going well or if you want someone to tag along. The first meeting with a coach is easily arranged, and you will see what is next afterwards. It must also feel good, a click to contribute something. Go and experience it and see what it can bring you.

Where and which coach?

Are you looking for a coach who can help you further? Use our coach seeker to find the right coach for you.

More ...

Not ready for coaching yet, or would you like to look around first? Then our e-learning (in Dutch) might be suitable for you! You can order the module via our webshop.

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