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Using sensitive talent optimally

Do you want more information on how we can help your organization?

Do you recognize this?

You encounter ..

An employee who regularly takes sick leave, has stress complaints or has a long term absence due to a burn-out.

A colleague who is empathetic, creative and efficient who also thinks out-of-the-box, but at the same time has difficulty with the open floor plan, long workdays, who often does not feel understood or does not always communicate clearly.

Someone says he/she is highly sensitive and you don’t know exactly what that means. Do I see someone who exaggerates or does he/she really feels things differently?

You suspect that someone is highly sensitive and you do not know how you can offer guidance or develop their talent.

A saturated mind, vague symptoms, headaches, abdominal pain, tiredness, depression.
These are often heard stress complaints that result in both short-term and long-term absence. More and more people are dropping out at an increasingly younger age. Often without it being recognized that being highly sensitive is at the core of it. One in five people has a more sensitive nervous system that perceives more stimuli and processes them more intensively. It is not strange that stress complaints occur earlier or even become chronic. An HSP can learn how to handle this properly, but specific guidance is needed!

Why does someone with so many amazing talents drop out so often?
HSPs are often empathetic, creative and efficient. If they do not learn how their system functions, we will see the negative sides of these traits. When an HSP does learn it, these talents can be developed. Dropping out is no longer an issue. And making a valuable contribution to an organization is a reality!

It is hard to understand how someone else experiences something.
When someone says they are highly sensitive, misunderstood or lonely (even if this person is social), sensitive or sensitive to moods, it is advisable to use specific guidance. You don’t have to understand the other, you should take it seriously. That is the first step towards optimal deployment.

Making a difference!

HSP because..

The concept of high sensitivity has evolved in recent decades. Where it initially was met with skepticism, it nowadays is a serious concept that is increasingly talked about in our society.

Further research is conducted and initiated at various Dutch universities. We work together with scientists and social organizations so we can bring the latest solutions to the issues of absenteeism, burnout, stress complaints on the one hand and talent development on the other.

Why do we do this? Simply because it is very useful when you can empower HSPs:
Less (long-term) absence, fewer stress-related complaints, better teamwork, development of talents we need for our future. All this results in more well-being and enormous cost savings.

By looking at something in a different way you can make the difference. That’s our goal!

Turn your professionals into HSP professionals

What would it be like if you were?

The result of investing in sensitive talent

Imagine you can prevent frequent short-term sick leave. Or that you can shorten or even prevent long-term sick leave. What would that mean?

Suppose you recognize HSP and therefore can take steps, you can provide information and can proceed with a practical approach. That provides you with maximum talent development, which not only benefits the HSP itself, but also the entire company, the entire team and the entire work floor.

What if it is possible to make your organization more agile towards the future. That you have opportunities instead of obstacles. You have the people who offer flexibility and who can join you in a changing market.

Investing in HSP is the key through which you can achieve all this.

When you recognize the HSP you can offer appropriate guidance.The experienced HSP coach from our national network knows what is needed, whether it is short-term or long-term sick leave. This coach can also work together with a regular health care practitioner.

Optimal deployment through the development of the intrinsic talents of an HSP. When you recognize the HSP and give space to its talent, you employ an empathetic, creative and loyal employee. An employee who perceives things quickly and thinks in connections, an employee who takes you into the future.

Recognition is essential to determine what is needed next. Every organization has its own question. That is why we believe in customization. We are happy to meet with you, to provide you with more information and to hear your specific questions or provide you with something else like an organization scan or other product that meets your needs.

Informative meeting

An informative meeting in which the questions of the organization and information about high sensitivity are addressed. Invite us and we’ll make an appointment to meet with you.

√ You choose the date and location for the meeting

√ Without obligation, you are not committed to anything

√ Free information about HSP


Through our expert coaches we offer tailor-made guidance to employees. Short-term or long-term sick leave, but also for employees that are currently working and whose talents can be used more optimally.

√ Customization

√ Benefit from a versatile, national network

√ A meeting can be arranged within 5 working days


If your organization is bigger or you provide services to others and you regularly need our specialized services, then we would like to work together more closely. For example, we do this with the UWV in Werkfit programs.

√ Fully customized

√ Use our expertise

√ Benefit from a versatile, nationwide network

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