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About us

Our mission? To create an environment where being highly sensitive is seen as a talent. Where thinking combined with feeling and awareness provides for strong personal leadership. In the workplace, at school, in the healthcare setting and at home. And although we also like to teach rules of thumb, creating the ideal conditions/environment remains tailor-made work. We will help you to uncover the underlying support question and then provide an appropriate approach. Besides, you can always count on a scientific foundation, experiential learning and a practical approach.

‘One size fits all’ is not our credo. We do not tell you how to deal with your own high sensitivity, that of your client or that of your employees. We do, however, help people to learn to look again, so that they can discover the solution themselves. In this way we enable people to take responsibility for their own story, to be authentic. Talent is always our starting point. Although many people come to us burdened by it, we always see high sensitivity as a strength and a valuable extra. We like to challenge highly sensitive people and their environment to take that perspective.

Your HSP specialist

Maybe you want to learn how you can bring highly sensitive talent to fruition. Then we can help you or your team to become an expert. With in-company training and coaching for example. Do you prefer the ease of a partnership or you temporarily want an in-house expert? You have come to the right place. Whatever support you choose, we always look to combine learning through personal attention and independent self exploration. And in addition; let’s get to work!

Continuous improvement through collaboration

We don’t do this alone. We continuously test our extensive knowledge and experience. For example, we participate in a consortium of several Dutch universities, we work closely with the UWV and we bring together a national network of HSP experts. Everyone with a common wish, but different background. This environment that we have created for ourselves, allows us to always have a good answer to in-depth questions from organizations, professionals, social workers and individuals.

Practise what you preach

Calling ourselves HSP specialists is not easy. We have been teaching others how to deal with HSP for quite some time, but long before that we started collecting knowledge in our daily lives. Our team consists entirely of experienced experts. We have all experienced what it is like to grow up as a highly sensitive person, to connect to others and to participate in working life. Each in our own way we got to know our own talents, pitfalls and preferences through trial and error. The combination of personal stories and professional skills makes us a strong player in this field.

Bedankt voor het klikken op de knop!

Mijn naam is Tom van ‘t Zand en ik doe onderzoek naar de website van Hooggevoelig heel gewoon. Om mij te helpen kun je onderstaand formulier invullen.

Alvast bedankt!



Vraag 1: Met welk doel bezocht je onze website? (meerdere antwoorden mogelijk)

Iets anders:

Vraag 2: Heb je dit doel of deze doelen bereikt?

Vraag 3: Hoe zou je de tijd die het kostte om dit doel te bereiken omschrijven?
Erg langzaamLangzaamGemiddeldSnelZeer snelIk heb mijn doel(en) niet bereikt

Vraag 4: Hoe zou je het aantal (muis)klikken om je doel te bereiken omschrijven?
Heel veel klikkenVeel klikkenGemiddeld aantal klikkenWeinig klikkenHeel weinig klikken

Vraag 5: Wat vind je van de gebruikersvriendelijkheid van onze website?
Erg gebruikersonvriendelijkGebruikersonvriendelijkNeutraalGebruikersvriendelijkErg gebruikersvriendlijk

Naast deze vragenlijst wil ik ook een liveonderzoek doen. In dit onderzoek wordt de deelnemer gevraagd een scenario te doorlopen op de website. Ik observeer dat en stel na afloop een aantal vragen.

Vraag 6: Mag ik je benaderen met meer informatie over dit liveonderzoek?
Ja, je mag mij benaderen met meer informatie over het liveonderzoek.Nee

Vraag 6a: Wat is je naam?

Vraag 6b: Wat is je E-mailadres?

Vraag 6c: In welke doelgroep van onze website schaar je jezelf?
Professional (werkt met hooggevoelige mensen)Bedrijfsmatige bezoeker (wat kan ik met hooggevoeligheid in mijn bedrijf)Particuliere bezoeker (opzoek naar informatie over hooggevoeligheid)

Heb je verder nog vragen of opmerkingen?

Bedankt voor het invullen van de vragenlijst!

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