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Our team!

These people are here for you

Meet our team. Dedicated professionals, each with their own story and expertise. This way you not only know who to turn to with your questions, but you also get a first personal impression. After all, it is important in our profession that it feels “right”. That it feels strong enough to entrust us with your personal development or that of your organization. Therefore we would like to show you who we are, what talents we have and what our connection is to high sensitivity. Do you (also) prefer a phone call or in person meeting? Contact us to make an appointment.

Jaqueline Pama

General manager & education

Heleen Visser

UWV Workfit, human resources

Tom van 't Zand

Information & technology

Eva Pama

Commerce and marketing, keynote speaker

Veronique Struis

Finance & grants

Wietse Pama

Head coach
Trainer, UWV-werkfit-coordinator

Jeroen Zweerts

Trainer, UWV-werkfit-coordinator & UWV-werkfit-coach
Trainer, UWV-werkfit-coordinator

Brenda Boele

Trainer, UWV-werkfit-coordinator & UWV-werkfit-coach

Arja Roozemond


Lea Hendriks


Miranda op den Brouw


Ellis Bosmans


Hooggevoelig heel gewoon | Schuilenbergerweg 4 | 8121 RA Olst | 0570-643053 | info@hooggevoeligheelgewoon.nl

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