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Welcome to the network

What does it mean?

The idea of ​​the network is that by connecting we are stronger and able to make a difference and make being highly sensitive normal. Everyone does this in their own way, in their own practice and with their own background.

  • We send you (coach) questions that fit your expertise and/or come from your area.
  • We do not charge a fee, or anything similar, for this. We think that is a lot of hassle 🙂
  • People find you through our website because you are listed there.
  • Twice a year you can enjoy the network meeting where you meet with the entire network,
  • Talk to each other, get to know each other, exchange experiences, while enjoying a nice lunch,
  • Get an update on where we are and where we are going as a whole with the network,
  • And in-depth workshops on interesting topics by network members.
  • Network members find each other with questions and can liaise without our interference.
  • We have a private Facebook page where topics are exchanged, but not so much that it drives you crazy. It remains manageable.
  • The network is without obligation, do you want to collaborate intensively? That is possible. Do you prefer to be connected loosely? That is also possible!
  • We ask for an annual contribution of €100 to cover the costs of the website, blog(s) and lunches during the meetings.
  • You followed the basic training ‘Practice-oriented work with HSP’ or are prepared to follow it.

Our image is that we form an orchestra in which everyone plays their own instrument and we all play a beautiful sound. We find it important that the members match and share our mission to make high sensitivity generally accepted, so we always have a network conversation first to see if there is a match, if it fits and “feels good”.

Do you want to become a network member too?

Would you like to become a network member, be listed here with your practice, have intervision and all sorts of other benefits of the network?

Are you looking for a coach?

Are you looking for a coach who can help you further? Find the right coach through our coach finder!

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