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Tom van 't Zand


Phone: 06-22461688

E-mail: tom@hooggevoeligheelgewoon.nl

I started working with computers at an early age. I will not call myself a whizkid, but I was always able to quickly solve most user problems with computers.

“My self confidence didn’t match the responsibilities I was given.”

Although I got terribly stuck during my high school years and my first attempt at college, I was able to develop myself. I have had several jobs, including with ABN-AMRO Insurance, Lococensus and GBLT. Whatever my position was, I always was a source of information for IT-related problems of colleagues or clients. I worked my way up as a project manager and in that role, I learned even more about the importance of development, but also the implementation of technologies. Unfortunately, my quick move up the career ladder had a downside and I ended up in a situation where my knowledge and self-confidence did not match the responsibilities I had.

“Technological improvements are only an improvement if all end users know the how, what and why of the technology, that is my mission.”

I do all of this with the drive that technological improvements are only an improvement when all end users know the how, what and why of the technology, that is my mission. My work does not stop with designing and building a system, but continues with providing instruction (videos), giving user training, implementing improvements and being a source of information when questions arise.

The way of working that I try to use fits well with being highly sensitive, in which I notice the atmosphere and what people need. It is ideal for me to combine the experience I have gained as a project manager and the knowledge I have gained during my Applied Psychology course at Saxion. I can already hear you thinking: “huh, what do you do with applied psychology?” In my field of study, I opted for the Behavior & Technology direction. Where, among other things, I learned how you can best connect technology to the needs and capacities of users, but also how you implement a technology in such a way that you have the best chance of being accepted by these users.

Since 2017 I have been working on the technical side of Hooggevoelig heel gewoon. My role is to design, build and manage the digital tools available to our customers and employees. This includes the management and protection of our customer data, the technical side of our website and the digital learning platform with which students work in our training.

“The person I wanted to be: with my high sensitivity, giftedness, and analytical skills.”

In the period that followed, I therefore, focused on myself as the person that I was, who I am, but especially who I would like to be. In which my high sensitivity, giftedness and analytical skills come out well. For me, this meant that I started the Applied Psychology course at Saxion and said goodbye to my employer at the time.

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