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Head trainer

Wietse Pama

Head trainer

Phone: 06-22418885

E-mail: wietse@hooggevoeligheelgewoon.nl

Already at a young age, I had a love for “discovery”, so I was always crafting and discovered a lot in many sports and school and I continuously tried expanding my possibilities. In addition to a lot of action, I also enjoyed roaming Vlieland alone and in silence.

“In addition to a lot of action, I also enjoyed roaming Vlieland alone and in silence.”

Already in high school, I knew that I wanted to become a physical therapist. And soon I started combining the physical and more mechanical side with emotional and psychological aspects (including a study of haptonomy and intuitive psychotherapy). After working in a practice for 10 years, I completed a study Physiotherapy within businesses and then started working for various Occupational Health & Safety organizations.

“Then it turned out that I didn’t know my own manual sufficiently and was insufficiently loyal to it.”

Later combined with intensive multi-day training at a lifestyle center. People came here with stress complaints, burnout and psychosomatic problems, often caused by an imbalance. Which can be between thinking and feeling, yourself and the other, etc.. This can express itself both in at home and in the work environment. What often turned out was that people did not do what really suited them. For the the past 5 years, I have been involved in the training to become HSP experts, allowing me to combine the many building blocks that I gathered through various courses and my diverse work experience.

The reason for this was my own burnout in 2011. It turned out that I did not know my own instructions sufficiently and, in particular, was insufficiently loyal to it. Really embracing my high sensitivity was an important step in this. Because I also have a lot of energy and many interests, maintaining a good balance requires daily attention.

“< During the training I can thoroughly enjoy the moment when things fall into place. “

In the field of therapy, the starting point is usually that you first have to look at your problems, demons and traumas and “work through them”, only then will there be room for your talents and qualities. In the lifestyle training and certainly in the training to become an HSP expert and in my coaching now, I start earlier with the positive and the strength side and from there investigate what is still needed on the ‘dark’ side. Both sides are part of who you are, but certainly as an HSP you will start moving much faster if you are seen and invited to see your qualities, your talents and your strength.

One of my core talents is finding a practical solution. In (apparent) complex situations, I can quickly find the biggest bottleneck and I prefer to work with experience-oriented solutions. In our training I am mainly focused on translating the theory into practical work forms. Step 1 is a good balance between thinking and feeling and step 2 is how to work with it practically, for yourself and in your work. Trust, safety and humor are important ingredients for me and I am also ambitious, for myself, but also for the other (in this case the student). If you, too, would like to set the bar high, I would be happy to investigate this with you. During the training I can thoroughly enjoy the moment that things fall into place. If someone starts to live their talents and qualities (again). The passion that often accompanies this works for me as “fuel”.

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